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What will you gain if your customers will prepay
their next 3-12 months purchasing?

Long-Term Retention

Customers that prepay their future purchases are obligated
loyal customers that will 100% continue to be your future
customers! Increasing customer retention rates by 5%
increase profits by 25% to 95%!

Reduce credit costs

For every business - getting prepaid for future spending
is a great alternative. Reduce your credit costs or increase
your growth expenses, either way, your business will benefit!

Setting up your offers

Set the extra to spend benefit

You know your margins and customers. Create offers that will benefit your customer and will serve your business needs. Win-Win. Remember you are requesting your customer to prepay for their 3-12 purchasing. The higher % extra to spend they will be rewarded, the higher the acceptance rate you will get.

We recommend setting at least 2 offers, the longer top up duration the higher % extra to spend benefits.

Set the duration

During how many months customers account will be toped up.

Customer’s accounts are toped up on a monthly basis. The first top-up is immediately after customers are purchasing a prepayment offer, the rest are on a monthly basis, the same date in the month. Equal amounts.

Customers are able to use only store credit that was already toped up to their account.

Set min & max offer amounts

Set the minimum and maximum amounts for your prepay offering.

The average purchase amount is different between each category and business type. Chose the amounts that will benefit your business and be affordable to your customers.

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increase profits by 25% to 95%!

Fully featured platform

Easy & fast integration

Fully integrated to Shopify

Full reporting

Full reporting including:

Marketing kit

After creating the rewarding offers you will need to introduce them to your customers. We will assist with marketing material

Your customer’s point of view

Selecting one of your offers


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